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Prelude for String orchestra (5'10")
A charming idyll inspired by this tranquil rural village. Suitable for school string groups and orchestras of modest ability.
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Sinfonia Nativitie
String Orchestra (12'0")
‘Immensity, cloyster’d in thy deare wombe,
Now leaves his welbelov’d imprisonment.
There he hath made himselfe to his intent
Weake enough, now into our world to come.’

A one movement sinfonia for string orchestra inspired by the opening words of John Donne’s divine poem, Nativitie. It falls into two distinct sections – a slow introduction in which the absolute extremes of the outer instruments are exploited, enveloping a growing theme in the heart of the texture. This theme forms the counterpoint to a new motif of energy, taken on fugally and leading to the second section – a vivacious ‘fugue of life’. This fugue is driven by irregular rhythmical and melodic energy – with its subject in 5/4 time, running and dancing.

First performed by Manchester Camerata in December 1999.

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Symphonic Wind Band with piano (12'00")
A large scale symphonic poem
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Fanfara alla Fuga
Symphony Orchestra (3'20")
Scored for double woodwind, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, strings and timps, this colourful prelude and fugue, written for the Llangollen Music and Wine Festival in 1994, provides a splendid overture or contrasting interlude to any ‘classical’ orchestral programme.

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Fidden Sound
Symphony Orchestra (13'0")
Fidden (pr. Fidgen) is on the very western tip of the Scottish Hebridean island of Mull, overlooking the tiny island of Iona and its magnificent abbey. This excitingly descriptive symphonic poem conjures up the very heart of this tiny corner of Scotland, with its outstanding geographical beauty, characteristic music, folk dance and colourful customs. Amidst these lively, pictorial images, though, Fidden exudes an air of calm and absolute peacefulness that has inspired musicians, artists, saints and pilgrims for many centuries.

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