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Carillon Victoria
organ (2'30")
A sparkling Toccata described by the composer as a ‘peal of bells’, which pays homage to the French composer Marcel Dupre. It was composed for the wedding of Christopher and Victoria Larley in Chichester Cathedral in August 1999, and played on that occasion by Mark Wardell.
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Fantasia on ‘St Andrew’
organ (3'00")
A glorious improvisation on the tune normally associated with the words ‘Jesus calls us through the tumult of our life’s wild restless sea’.
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Offertory Prelude
organ (11'00")
From A Mass of a Thousand Ages.
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Sonatina for Classical Organ
organ (7'30")
A three movement work in 18th Century style disguised in a modern harmonic idiom, showing the strong influence of the baroque period in Patrick Larley’s music. First performed by the composer, in June 1992 at Aldeburgh Parish Church in Suffolk.
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The Farmington Suite
organ/piano/harpsichord (6'30")
A suite in three movements – Prelude, Dance and Fughetta – each one in its own characteristic style. The Prelude is a set of variations based on an original folk-like melody whilst the Dance is a bouncy scherzo-like piece in ternary form. Both these movements are truly modal in harmonic idiom alluding to the Medieval and Renaissance style, whereas the Fughetta is a Bach inspired two-part invention in strict counterpoint. The suite was commissioned by Farmington Parish Church in Gloucestershire for the dedication of their refurbished organ and given its first performance by David Soward in 1999.
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The Chanteloup Suite
piano (7'00")
Composed at Chateau Chanteloup in the Sarthe region of France in August 2000, this delightful suite of 6 short movements paints a cameo of the Chateau and its surroundings.

Moderately easy/Grade 4-5

i) Le Chateau

18 seconds (72kb)

ii) Les jeux des enfants

17 seconds (68kb)

iii) De nuit aux champs

iv) Bavardage en terrasse

21 seconds (84kb)

v) Concert au Chateau

vi) Les vacanciers

22 seconds (88kb)

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The Isle of Arran
piano (6'00")
Inspired by this gentle Scottish Isle, the four sketches are very approachable in style.
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Song 46
Clarinet/piano (2'00")
A short prelude on the well-known hymn tune by Orlando Gibbons, written in 1988 for the composer’s son Alex – whilst a chorister at Hereford Cathedral.
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Tom Bowling
Recorder/cello/piano or harpsichord (9'00")
Variations on the much loved sea song.
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Bernard’s Delight
Dulce Melos (7'30")
This set of variations over a ground was written in memory of Bernard Ellis, Luthier. It was first performed by the composer, on the Dulce Melos – an extremely rare early keyboard instrument – on 14th October 2000 at the Service of Thanksgiving for Bernard’s life and work.

Also suitable for harpsichord, spinet, virginal, chamber-organ or piano.

10 seconds (40kb)
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